The Women Men Won't See

DC’s Reboot has “3” Female creators (it’s actually 2 women, but one is writing two books); how this environment is beneficial to ANYONE is beyond me.

 And it’s the same white/straight/boy story in every comic book shop.  Stop hindering your audience, when you have people that GENUINELY are interested in you medium!  ”Dying Industry”… more like “Suicidal Industry”.


Sexism in comic book culture. Sadly I find this completely relevant and the same applies to most of geek/gamer culture. It’s either as a woman in a comic/game/card shop you are sexually harassed to an insane degree or people won’t even take your money- they will just completely ignore you if you are alone. Or if you are with a guy they will assume he’s dragging you there. 

Dear comic book and game store folks:
*I* am most likely the one dragging a guy to your store.
*I AM* interested in comics, books and games.
*I AM NOT* happy about being ignored because I’ve got some hooters. Take my damn money, give me good advice, good service and your freakin products. 

“The first time I tried to go into a comic book store without my boyfriend, I discovered that I had a superpower in the comic book world. 

 I was invisible. 

 I could not get anyone to acknowledge that I existed. There were guys behind the counter, yes, but they kept up their argument about Green Lantern while I stood in front of them. I had to interrupt, finally, to ask my question, and then I discovered my second superpower: I had a wall of silence surrounding me. They exchanged glances, gestured vaguely to the back of the store, and went right back to their argument. I left without finding the book I’d come for, but that’s just as well; I don’t think, based on future experiences, I could have gotten them to take my money if I’d found it. 

I thought it was just that comic book store. Then I thought it was just that one and the next one, the one where I discovered that I could not force my money into the hands of the guy behind the counter; he walked away from the register when I approached with books in hand, then disappeared into the back of the store for, apparently, eternity. It was crazy; it was like I’d gone back in time a hundred years, and they still had Wolverine everywhere

In the third store where my new superpowers came into play, I had what was, at that time in my life, an unaccustomed thought. Why am I doing this? I should not have to beg people to take my money. ”

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